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VV LABS Pvt Limited

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VV LABS at a glance

VV LABS Pvt. Ltd., is a Indian company with operational headquarters in India’s Pharmaceutical capital city of Hyderabad. The company was founded with the aim of providing pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions to the Human Population around the World.


Our major focus is in the pharmaceutical industry, a sector in which we are poised to become one of the key players in India within 5 years of our existence.


To revolutionize pharmaceutical and medical marketing by distributing modern remedies through strategic alliances with research-oriented healthcare companies


To be a responsible and standout Pharmaceutical company that shall introduce and represent the expertise of global healthcare companies.


  • Our value is in the PRICE we pay to achieve excellence in all we do. Our Passion, Respect, Integrity, Care and Expertise define this PRICE because passion is at the heart of innovation and results for us.

  • Respect for people and their needs is key to everything we do.

  • Integrity earns us careless trust.

  • Care for our stakeholders especially customers, investors and staff is our driving force.

  • Expertise is a goal which we continuously pursue in order for us to better serve our customers.


Our company believes in the protection of our environment and will partner with stakeholders in our community to ensure we are alive to our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.


The company is committed to best practices and procedures in corporate governance with its business conducted in a fair, honest, transparent manner and in conformity with high ethical standards.


L.Srinivas, Partner

A 1994 Analytical Chemistry Post-graduate from India’s premier University, the University of Nagarjuna. He has taken professional training in Personnel Management. He has had successful stints within the pharmaceutical industry as an intern in the quality assurance laboratory; quality Control; FR&D; Production and regulatory dept; customer service management; and facility management.

His distinguishing performance and Integrity earned him definite recognitions that encouraged executive management to trust him with sensitive positions of responsibility. He is entrepreneurial by nature and has a broad understanding of various sectors of the Indian economy. He sees the latent potentials in people and enjoys motivating them to fulfill those potentials. With a winner mentality, he faces the challenges of life, optimistic of light at the end of every tunnel. Srinivas is happily married and presently lives in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh with his family.

Other Partners

Other partners who are resident of different parts of India include Pharmacists, marketing communicator and banker. Youthful and agile with average post-qualification and work experience of over 15 years, they bring to this partnership diverse and rich experience in general management, marketing communication and practice, sales management, regulatory affairs, personnel management and banking etc.


Although a start-up company, this visionary partnership has the potency to dominate the pharmaceutical/healthcare marketing segment of the Indian economy. The pioneers are tested young men who have a thorough understanding of the Indian market and therefore possess the requisite skills to deliver agreed objectives.

The pioneers’ proven credibility and passion to bring modern healthcare to the Indian populace shall remain the hallmark of VV LABS in line with our corporate Values. Ours shall be a flat organization which shall increase the speed of business, reduce cost and deliver agreed objectives within a record time.

In view of the vast experience of the pioneers with Government regulatory authorities, VV LABS can facilitate the registration of therapeutic & Neutraceutical products in India The pioneers’ international exposure and residences can be exploited for strategic economies of scale and scope with prospective foreign company affiliates.

Further enquiry: info@vvlabs.in